Sunday, November 9, 2008

Budapest (Day 2)

No trip to Budapest is complete without a trip to the Turkish Baths. Dating back to when the Ottoman Turks invaded Hungary, these baths contain natural hot springs that are ideal for combating that imposing winter chill.

Capturing a rare group moment.

Afterwards, we went to the House of Terror, which was once the headquarters of the Hungarian Nazis and later the communists. This museum was very haunting and realistically brought the brutal terror regimes back to life. In the basement of the building was a prison where the Nazis used to torture and murder innocent victims. There was a giant Soviet tank in the middle of the museum and in the semi-darkness slick, black oil silently oozed off the sides of the base. It was very educational, but at the same time so devastating to witness and try to comprehend what mankind is capable of.

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