Friday, October 17, 2008

Revisiting Communist Poland

Today we took a step back with the tour company Crazy Guides, into the not so distant past and revisited Nowa Huta (New Steelworks). This town was created by the Communists near Krakow, in hopes of injecting industrialization into Polish society. Of course the dream never fully materialized and only resulted in labor strikes and creating poor health conditions due to the terrible pollution.

Crazy Guides specializes in giving tours of communist Poland and go all out on making sure that we got to experience Communism at its finest. We rode in a beat-up bus from that era that had definitely seen better days.

Later on we rode in an "authentic," Communist car. The whole experience felt like being in a cartoon, especially since the driver drove like a maniac.

For dinner we had a meal fit for a King (or Queen) of Poland at Pod Wawelem.

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Anonymous said...

Julia, if you have a chance go visit Solidarity museum in Gdansk.