Monday, September 29, 2008

Krakow, My New Home.

The next morning, we took a scenic two-hour train ride to Krakow. We passed by the picturesque countryside, where cows and sheep speckled the landscape like wildflowers.

When I arrived in Krakow, our taxi drove through streets that were littered with trash and underpasses that had been covered in graffiti. Buildings with exposed brick and dull gray exteriors littered my neighborhood. This city was definitely aged.

Our apartment was on the first floor (which is actually the second) and had been completely remodeled, quite a contrast from the exterior. My house mates were Julian from France and Marie from Belgium (students from a different program) and Emily and Tiffany (from Wisconsin) who were in my program.

This is my room...not bad, huh?

After we unpacked and settled in our new abode, we were famished so we decided to explore our surroundings. We ended up in the Old Town and I got to experience Rynek Glowny (the main square) in all its glory for the first time. We came upon the main town square off one of the side streets and it took my breath away. And suddenly I was drawn in by the magical lure that Poland so skillfully exudes.

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