Saturday, September 27, 2008

Warsaw: First Impressions of Poland

I arrived off the plane in Warsaw, and the whole world around me had transformed into a whirlwind of Polish culture. My excitement had overcome my jet-lag for the moment and I was in a daze as I came out of the arrivals gate, my mind trying to grasp the reality of the moment. I was finally here!

After a somewhat frustrating search, I finally found Piotrek (Piotr), my residential director, amidst a sea of families showering their loved ones with kisses and odd-numbered bouquets of roses.

Two other API participants Jack and Greg, joined us shortly and we all headed out into the mid-morning mist to take a cab to our hotel. A cab driver with a prominent potbelly took one look at our excessive amount of luggage and pointed to a van behind him. When we finally got into a vehicle that could accommodate us all, we made small talk but eventually grew quiet, as we took in the daily life of Warsaw that was unfolding around us.

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