Friday, September 26, 2008

Thoughts Beforehand

Choosing to go to Poland seemed like a natural choice for me, when I was figuring out where I wanted to study abroad. I mused over exotic places like Egypt, South Africa, and Brazil, places that lured me in with promises of a life that was completely different than my own. But Poland held something greater, a chance to reconnect with my roots and return to a place where my paternal grandparents had fled the Nazi regime half a century ago. I had already been to China a few times now and I felt it was crucial to identify with my Eastern European roots and explore the culture that I had little exposure to. I was also very curious to gain a greater knowledge of the horrific events of WWII and how they fit into context within the country's psyche. So not knowing much more than "dziekuje" in Polish and a tiny snapshot of Poland's often turbulent history, I set off for the mysterious land of Polska.

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Theresa said...

great photos and descriptive journal entries